Green Hill X Bioblad3 | Collaboration


New Collaboration with BIOBLAD3 (Uday Shankar). Check out his Street Style wearing GREEN HILL shirt.

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When I think of men’s clothes, the first color that comes to my mind is the color blue? Is it because of the ubiquitous Navy suit? No. The only fabric you can think of that is associated strongly with the color blue is Denim. Why is that? Read on to find out.

indigo was used as a dye in Egypt and India, which was also the earliest major center for its production and processing in the Old World. From there, it made its way to the Greeks and Romans, who valued it as a luxury. The association of India with indigo is reflected in the Greek word for the dye, indikón (ινδικόν, Indian). The Romans latinized the term to indicum, which passed into Italian and eventually into English as the word Indigo. Because of its high value as a trading commodity, indigo was often referred to as blue gold. By 1894, a synthetic method of producing the dye was perfected by BASF in Germany.

So why is denim blue? Simply because Indigo was the most popular dye at the time when the fabric came into existence. Also, unlike most dyes, Indigo does not penetrate cloth fibers but binds to the threads externally. When washed, the dye strips away bits of thread, softening rough fabrics and individualizing the color. That is why worn jeans end up with unique washes and whiskers.

uying a good pair of blue jeans is always a great investment. Blue denim goes with everything. It is durable and builds character over time. It is simply timeless.

Whether you buy them skinny, ripped, or waxed, there are some rules that you can keep in mind when buying denim. Buy quality denim – It is better to buy one pair of raw selvedge jeans that will stay with you for years rather than buying a new pair every year after the cheaper ones fray and rip. Avoid jeans with back pocket designs and embellishments. And treat them like your regular trousers, get them tailored.

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